Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Breakin' It Down Electric Boogaloo Style for the New Thor: The Dark World Trailer

The trailer opens with Thor entering what appear to be the Asgardian dungeons and we get a very villainous sounding voice over from Loki, who was imprisoned there following the events of The Avengers. Here the two brothers have a quick back and forth in which Thor asks for help, but mentions that he cannot trust Loki. Of course Loki has an insult in the wings and tells Thor he would be a fool to trust him, a point I'm sure that we will see exploited in the film.
Malekith, center, and some of his Dark Elves
 As we cut away from the Marvel logo, we hear Odin's voice explaining to us that before the universe there was a darkness which has survived while we see a ship, the ship of the film's villain, Malekith the Accursed, and his Dark Elves of Svartalfheim crashing into London. We briefly see that Kat Denning's character, Darcy, is back before seeing Thor swoop in and snag Jane, reminding him of his promise, before transporting her to Asgard. Asgard looks magnificent here. A different scope of it from what we saw in the original but still as unearthly and beautiful as before.

 We now see a quick exchange between Thor and Heimdall, guardian of Asgard before we cut to some dark looking times where we once again hear Loki prodding Thor, now about how desperate he must be, which is followed by a fun scene were Loki is ganged up on by Volstagg, Lady Sif and, finally, Jane who slaps the taste out his mouth while adding, "That's for New York." Loved Loki's reaction here as he smiled and laughed before adding, "I like her."

We see a quick scene of Loki and Thor doing some 80s action movie slow-mo swag walk before we cut away and then to a montage of action scenes where we get a voiceover from Malekith, played by Christoper Eccleston. During this we see some intense footage around the 1:43-1:45 mark of Jane not in a good spot being raised from the ground by the magic of Malekith. Of note is that to Malekith's right we see Skurge who will certainly provide Thor with some physical conflict.

 As we continue through the montage we see that Dr. Sevlig has survived Loki's mind control and he and Jane have some serious dialogue about the fabric of reality being torn apart by whatever machinations Malekith has begun. Flash to a quick shot of Loki busting up a one of the Dark Elves followed by a view of a big explosion before Thor reminds us just who the hero of this movie is and tells Jane he will find a way to save the day!

 Prior to the title card we see a nice shot of Thor summoning Mjolnir to him before using it to attempt to hammer the face right off of Malekith who seems to be...BLOCKING IT WITH HIS ARMS!

 After the title card we see a funny scene in which a Kronan, a giant rock monster, seems to be marching his way to destroy the heroes until Thor uses Mjolnir to turn him literally into a pile of rubble before channeling his inner-Maixmus Decimus Meridius and asking if there's anyone else!

 It seems, between Tom Hiddleston's appearance at SDCC and this trailer, that Marvel is well aware that Loki is quite possibly their most marketable character at the moment not named Tony Stark. He is certainly showcased in this trailer and, as expected, Hiddleston plays him to be totally unlikable but impossible not to love. It's hard to imagine anyone else being as good as Hiddleston in the role.

 The two trailers we have seen so far have kept quite a bit from us, including and most notably, the villain of the film and his purpose for coming into conflict with Thor and Asgard. We do, however, see that magic will play quite a role in the sequel and, knowing that Marvel expects to have Dr. Strange begin taking the lead with their Phase 3 movies, I'm guessing we may get a litte Stephen Strange Easter Egg thrown our way. Lots of things to speculate about, but we're closing in on November 8 so we don't have to wait long!