Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Time to Meet and Greet Your Guardians of the Galaxy: Gamora Edition

The Guardians of the Galaxy presentation at SDCC caused quite a buzz surrounding the rag tag group of heroes who will make their entrance into the MCU almost exactly one year from now, August 1, 2014.  The plot of the story is still being kept well under wraps and, to be honest, could really go any number of ways due to the large contingent of supporting characters that have been added into the fray, so instead of speculating on the potential plot, I've decided to go a little different route.  I've been through the back issues of GotG and am subscribed to the current Marvel Now title, which, as an aside, is fantastic, so while I would not call myself an expert, I am very familiar with the team we will see on screen and I've handled a few queries about the team from people in my circles so I've decided to handle it this way and share it with everyone.

The team we know we will see on the screen will be a 5-member squad composed of a pan-galactic group of loners and one-offs who will come together, apparently under some very shady circumstances, and, eventually, become a unit that will save the galactic day.  Those members, are left to right, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, Groot and Rocket Racoon.  Let's do a little exploring into each of these unique characters.

Gamora, like the rest of the Guardians is basically a drifter. She is the last of the Zen Whoberi as her people were killed off when she was a child by the Badoon, the same guys that Star-Lord is likely to have a bit of an issue with as well. The film rights to the Badoon do not reside with Marvel and it seems that Sakaraans are taking the place of the reptilian aliens. 

The next chapter of her history takes place under the tutelage of Thanos, the galactic mad man glimpsed in the Avengers stinger and confirmed to be a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Thanos found Gamora after the death of her people and raised her to be a weapon at his disposal against the Magus, the evil alter-ego of big time space player Adam Warlock who, surprisingly, has not yet been mentioned as part of the Guardians film. Gamora receives some upgrades from Thanos in addition to her training and mastery of pretty much every martial art and weapon known to man and, well, not man too.  

She eventually sees Thanos for the threat he is and joins Warlock in attempting to defeat. Gamora plays a part in the defeat of the Annihilation Wave after coming into conflict with Ronan the Accuser. Following the defeat of Annihilus we see that she has been chosen and basically brainwashed by the Phalanx as one of their “select” during the events of Annihilation: Conquest. Following those events she joins up with the Star-Lord and the Guardians with her reputation as the most dangerous woman in the universe. 

Zoe Saldana will portray Gamora in the film version and we know that she has been training hard and we can expect to see her dealing out punishment in every major action scene and, I imagine she’ll have some major conflict with Ronan since we know he is hunting down the Guardians at the behest of Thanos and we can see that she and Nebula will definitely square off in what promises to be an awesome brawl.

Gamora has also been known to have a few guy friends, Nova, Warlock and, most recently, Tony Stark so we may see her strike up a relationship or two along the way. Who knows, maybe Star-Lord will go all Captain Kirk in the film. Whatever the case in that regard, Gamora will certainly bring another strong butt-kicking female presence into the MCU. 

There you have Gamora. Next up, the final entry into the series: Drax the Destroyer.